May 2, 2015

Visiting: Boone Hall Plantation

Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you part II of our little adventure to South Carolina. On our way back from Charleston, SC, we stopped at the beautiful Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, just outside of Charleston. This place was as beautiful as I always imagined it to be! 

From the famous Avenue of Oaks, to the charming Boone House, to the gardens, and to the rich history, this place is magical! Boone Hall Plantation is one of America's oldest working, living plantations, growing and producing crops for over three centuries. The house dates back to the early 20th century. There are still nine original slave cabins still standing on the property! The plantation is open to tourists who can see what life was like for its residents in the 1800s. 

You may recognize this house from the movie, The Notebook; one of my favorites! Boone Hall Plantation served as Allie's family's summer home in the movie. The house and row of live oak trees also served many of the scenes in North & South

coat: H&M / pants: dynamite / camera bag: ona

If you ever get a chance to visit the plantation, I highly recommend it. Make sure to take a long walk along the Avenue of Oaks, take a House Tour, learn about black history in the exhibit and slave cabins, see the various plants, flowers, and trees growing in the beautiful gardens, and take the open air coach tour for a motorized tour of the entire 738 acres that make up the plantation. We visited the plantation in March so spring had already sprung, but I would love to go back someday in April or May when all the flowering trees and gardens are in full bloom. I can just imagine how beautiful the colors and sweet smells must be like! I would also love to visit the fruit crops and pick some of my own strawberries, blueberries and peaches! How nice would that be! 

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. This place was on my bucket list of places to visit, and I was so happy to have finally checked it off the list! If you have visited or will in the future, I would love to hear about your experiences and see your photos. 

Take care for now!


April 12, 2015

Visiting: Charleston, South Carolina

Hi friends! 

I recently went on a long road trip to visit our southern east coast neighbors. I mentioned all the places we visited in my last post here. Today, I'm sharing my favorite of the places we visited; the colorful and charming, Charleston, South Carolina! This place has long been on my bucket list. From the colorful and charming houses, to all the palm trees at every corner, the beautiful spanish moss hanging everywhere and the warm southern cuisine- how can you not love this place! I definitely plan on going back someday because two days in this pretty city were not nearly enough. 
Rainbow Row: We enjoyed walking along this downtown Charleston street featuring a series of pink and pastel historic houses. There are plenty of picture-taking opportunities here! Following this street, you will get to The Battery along the coast. Don't be surprised at how windy it gets by the water! 

Magnolia's: If you're into trying some real authentic southern cuisine, this is the place! We loved the food here. The service was also exceptional. We ordered our waiter's recommendations. For an appetizer, we tried the fried green tomatoes (yummy!). For the entrees, I had the flounder and my fiance had the catfish. Both were delicious!The flavors were so rich and flavorful. While we ate our meals, we also had the nicest time chatting with a sweet lady who was sitting near us. We found out she drives 1.5 hrs from outside of Charleston at least once or twice a week just to eat here and catch up with friends. 

What else is lovely about Charleston is that everything is within walking distance downtown. When I first looked at a map, it seemed that places were far from each other, but that was not the case. We must have walked around everywhere at least four times on one of the days, just to make sure we didn't miss anything, and of course, for more pictures :)

I was so happy here because I could take so many beautiful pictures. Everywhere I turned, there was something. I was also very pleased with the weather. At home in Canada, this year we had the coldest winter yet and I was so happy to get a break from the dreary and dark winter. It was amazing to go from snow and ice with temperatures around -20 celcius  to sunny and warm reaching +20C.

The Waterfront Park has the coolest pineapple-shaped water fountain. 
In Charleston I realized that this was the first time I had ever seen a living palm tree in real life! This was also the furthest south I've been so far. For sure I had to hug a palm tree upon this realization :) 
denim jacket: dynamite
dress: forever 21

Some other places we saw in Charleston was the Old Slave Mart Museum (which recounts the story of Charleston's role in the inter-state slave trade); the French Quarter, and The Market (an old shopping district lining Market street, which still features a gathering of small vendors that sell everything from blankets to candy to all kinds of little souvenirs). 

Finally, if you love honey, there's a lovely honey store we randomly came across during our walk around town, The Savannah Bee Company. They have so many different types of honey and you can sample all of them! Best of all, they are all 100% pure honey goodness. I picked up a jar of their limited time Winter White Honey and boy was I pleasantly surprised! By far the best honey I've ever tasted! When I got back home, everyday I would put a spoonful in my tea or coffee, on fruit, or toast, and I would even take a spoonful on its own because I just couldn't get enough. Unfortunately it's all gone now. I wish I had picked up a few more jars of this stuff. It's pricey but worth it. I would love to try all their other flavors!

Since we only spent two days in Charleston,we didn't get to see everything. I definitely plan on going back someday. I would love to visit the many other restaurants and coffee shops around town, and visit some of the cultural events and tours. Some other places around the area that I would like to see next time are Sullivan's Island and Folly BeachOn our way out of Charleston, we did tour the magical Boone Hall Plantation (which is a must see!) but I will share more about that in my next post :)

I'm so grateful for being able to visit this gorgeous city. We hope to make our way back there again someday to continue exploring!

Ciao for now. 


March 22, 2015

Spring Break Road Trip!

1) crossing the border to our southern neighbors 2) rainbow row in charleston, south carolina. bucket list item! 
3) view of the atlantic ocean from virginia beach boardwalk 4) our amazing view from the virginia beach hotel. how lovely it was waking up to this view and the ocean wave sounds

Hi y'all! If you've been following my instagram, you would have already noticed that I was away in the United States for Spring break. 4500+ kilometers over 8 states. That describes our week-long road trip! This road trip along the southern east coast states has always been on my bucket list. The first leg of our trip was from home to Virginia Beach, which took about 14 hours! Google underestimated the time by about 2 hours. It was such a long drive! But our excitement and the climbing temperature outside got us through it :) We got to our destination pretty late and we both just passed out that night. As tired as I was though, I did wake up super early for a bit just to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sunrise from our ocean view room. It was amazing! 

A few days into Virginia Beach, because we didn't drive far enough already, we decided to drive further south to visit Charleston, South Carolina. I've always wanted to visit this pretty town and since we were already that far south, we said why not! So one morning we drove the next 6-7 hours further south to Charleston. Along the route, we took a short detour to stop by in Wilmington, North Carolina. Although it added some more time to our route, we got to drive the more scenic route closer to the Atlantic coast and see a tiny bit of North Carolina. 

After 7 hours or so of more driving, we finally reached Charleston, South Carolina, and let me tell you, seeing the greenery and palm trees, and the temperature getting warmer and warmer, was amazing! We both had the best time ever this past week! Even with the 4500+ kilometers of driving that we must have done over the past week, it was so worth it! Nice bonding time for us as well with all those hours stuck in the car :) Since we're doing long distance living for now, it was nice to be together again for a whole week. Great weather and his company made this week so special :)
1) boone hall planation, near charleston, sc. it's where the notebook and north & south were filmed. it was like a dream 2) the famous avenue of oaks at boone hall plantation 
3) stopover in wilmington, north carolina  4) about to dip my feet in the atlantic ocean :)

We're back home in Canada now and the first day of spring here decided to surprise us with a few centimeters of fresh snow and continuous nippy weather. yuck! Despite it being spring now, doesn't look like it here at all and doesn't look like the temperature will warm up at all at least for another week. This winter has been extremely brutal and never ending! I would love to replace this snow with palm trees and spanish moss from the South! It was lovely, really. I will make some upcoming blog posts on all our southern adventures soon, but for now, I'm sharing with you a few snapshots I took on my phone.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Until next time :)